Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage takes in a holistic approach and eliminates energy blockages in the body to allow life to flow freely throughout the mind, body and spirit.

Kahuna uses long, flowing strokes to reconnect you to the core of your being and restore balance to your life.

Kahuna treatments are set apart from any other type of massage as it is very rhythmic. We use our hands, elbows, fingers and forearms.

The rhythmic motions create a deeply relaxing effect.

What to expect?

At the start of your treatment, we will sit down and have a bit of a chat about the physical and emotional reasons for wanting to have this type of treatment. This is important for us, the therapist, performing the treatment so we can “tune in” to what is needed.

This treatment is generally performed on a bare table, with you wearing nothing, and a sheet placed over the front or back areas that need coverage.

This is only due to the rhythmic nature of this treatment, and having the free flow from head to toe.

It is oily – very oily! Please do not wash your hair, or go to the hairdresser prior to this treatment, so you can experience its full benefits, including scalp treatment.

There is also some “under body” work performed, where we will glide our arms between you and the table.

We offer this in 60 and 90 minute treatments.
30 minutes is not offered due to the nature of the treatment and not being able to get the benefits in such a short time.


How often should you get a Kahuna Massage?

This is a great treatment to relax and escape, all while realigning your body and mind. Some clients will mix this up with their regular remedial treatments or just solely get Kahuna to maintain their mind and body connection.