Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage encompasses both the pregnancy and the postnatal periods.

Apart from the usual benefits of a massage, pregnancy massage is a much needed time for the mum to take a moment for themselves. As with all of our treatments, our Pregnancy Massage is tailored to each individual.

We offer this in 60 and 90 minute treatments.

We don’t usually offer 30 minutes for pregnancy due to positioning and discussion is usually more involved.

However, please contact us if 30 minutes is what you feel you need.

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you will break if pressure is applied! We will still adjust our pressure to give you the treatment you are after and feel comfortable with.

Massage can be given at any stage of pregnancy. The only thing that really changes is the positioning. During the early stages, we can treat as per the usual prone (face down) and supine (face up) positions.

As you go through your pregnancy, we will do the majority of the treatment in a side lying position. Sometimes you can lay on your back for a little bit longer, and this will be discussed prior to getting on the table.

There are some times during pregnancy when it is not safe to get a massage. These include:

  • Placenta Previa (but not in all cases)
  • High-risk pregnancies (your OB/GYN will advise) including preeclampsia, recent bleeding, pre-term contractions
  • Specific advice from treating medical professional

How often should you get a Pregnancy Massage?

This all depends on you and what you are after. This could be weekly if you are having a lot of discomfort and pain throughout your pregnancy, to monthly just to keep things in check. However, we do recommend to wait at least 6 weeks after you have had your baby to come in for more treatments.

NB: Massage is not proven to induce labour – if it did I would be very popular with all those mums that are overdue!